Autodesk 3ds Max 2017

An application that helps you create 3D designs and animation with plenty of tools to enhance your creation

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Autodesk 3ds Max 2017
Autodesk 3ds Max 2016

Used to create stunning three-dimensional renders, 3ds Max has earned its place amongst the computer graphics greats. The application is an Autodesk property, so expect an exceedingly refined workspace. As stated above, the software models 3D objects, but that opening description doesn't do the program justice. 3ds Max generates realistic scenes from nothing. Those scenes begin with basic shapes, primitives, as they're known, before evolving into a series of geometrically intricate objects.

From basic objects to detailed models, the intuitive design interface builds the most compelling images. Employed in a gaming studio, the 3D graphics package is responsible for developing the latest games characters. Design visualization shops take the applications' workflow in an entirely different direction. Here, it's the arching exteriors and window-lit interiors of a new architectural marvel that receives the three-dimensional treatment. Art or architectural design, gaming or movie special fx, 3ds Max is most definitely recognized as an industry standard.

What can this professionally coded software package do for a passionate graphic designer? Well, static images are a core part of this feature-rich program, but that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Animate those digitally produced creations. Then, if the images don't look real, apply special textural maps. That latter feature elevates the 3ds Max operating interface. Able to add transparencies, reflections, and entirely realistic surface accents, a capable user suddenly gains a faculty for constructing compelling objects, even though they exist solely in virtual space. Of course, thanks to the newly integrated VR (Virtual Reality) engine, this professionally-oriented 3D design package is likely to stay at the front of the graphics software pack for some time.

Expect a versatile user experience, one that's intuitively configured. Somehow, through intensive testing, the software is loaded with modelling, animating, and rendering features, yet it's relatively easy to learn. Still, this program is targetted at a professional user base. Hobbyists will definitely enjoy the challenge of conquering the production environment, moderately experienced users will expand their abilities, and professional users will enjoy a list of features that covers every conceivable graphics domain. Realistic hair, dynamic simulations, water, smoke, detailed models, and character rigging, there's really no limit to the tools incorporated into Autodesk's 3D modelling platform.

Open 3ds Max, dive into its four-port interface, and build a simple model. From here, use the many online tutorials and professionally accredited college courses to master 3ds Max. Movie and gaming studios, located all around the world, often have a place for newly trained designers, especially ones who are trained in the ways of this industry-standard 3D software package.


  • A top-notch 3D modelling package
  • 3ds Max creates ultra-realistic textures
  • An industry-standard portal into 3D modelling
  • Also animates, composites, and creates compelling scenes
  • Equipped with hair, skin, and fluid modules
  • Intuitively configured four-port window


  • It's a memory hog
  • Requires a powerful computer
  • Other software options are catching up

3DS Max is one of the top 3D animation software suites on the market. This software is an upgrade of the previous version and the new features certainly make this a top choice for many looking for animation software. This comprehensive software package is extremely useful for modeling and users can use a number of primitives like cones and cubes to base their own models. This new version gives users the ability to make their models look smoother and with added editing tools, the possibilities are almost endless.

Other features of 3DS Max include a sculpting brush, which allows you to sculpt like you would with a lump of clay and you can add more details than ever before. Another feature available from 3DS Max is the ability to build NURBs models. This feature is ideal for smooth surfaces and for simulating any mechanical parts because, in this case, accuracy is crucial.

The animation features of this program is the main draw for most people interested into this software, of course. This 3D software can create skeletons that can be pulled and pushed, and this is the basis of your character. Facial expressions, posing, speed and hand movements can also be manipulated.

One of the biggest strengths of 3DS Max is the ability of the user to download plug-ins or modifications. These plug-ins will help to dramatically improve work-flow and will help to improve the time it takes to create models.

3DS Max is very easy to use, too. It is flexible, the program is designed to manage large projects and is compatible with many other types of software. This makes it ideal for game development. The software is integrated with Microsoft Directx 11 which further improves the performance of the program. You can customize the interface, pan and zoom.

Autodesk, the manufacturer of 3DS Max, is outstanding when it comes to support. You will find tutorials online. Keep in mind that the learning curve for this program is steep, and it can be frustrating until you get the basics down. Additional support is available from Autodesk via email or from online discussion groups.

Bottom line, 3DS Max will deliver a number of new features to those who are used to previous versions. With faster performance, new tools and 2D vector graphics, users will appreciate the power of this software.


  • New features that make modeling and animation easier
  • More control over projects
  • Extremely accurate


  • The learning curve is steep
  • The cost can put people off

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